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Mom of four feels peace of mind owing Habitat home

Its evening and Asunta feels very relaxed in her home.

After living in their Habitat home for a year, Asunta says owning a home has improved her and her family’s life.

Almost 365 days (and counting), Asunta tells us that she can still feel the effects of her new home.

“I remember moving in last year on March 29th when I tried to pack the last bits to move to my house,” said Asunta. “It’s raining, wet and cold but I am not letting the weather dull my dream being fulfilled.”

“To say the least I am so happy that finally my dream through the assistance of Habitat came to be. I can now say I own a home.”

Asunta feels like a big weight was lifted off her shoulders.

“The children somehow talk even louder and I walk in and feel free. I am very grateful and proud at the same time for owning a home.”

Her children’s grades have improved and she has more time to help them with their homework. Through having stability in her life, even Asunta’s self-esteem has improved.

“I somehow feel more confident that even tomorrow I will be here in my home and I thank all those behind the scenes that made this happen.”