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Instant transformation for family of seven

In 2016, Michael and Amy and their five children were living in terrible housing conditions peppered with rodents and bees from a bee hive in the wall of their home. Their children also struggled with allergies and asthma related to the damp conditions in the basement – they desperately needed a better place to live because their family’s health depended on it.

Amy’s Mom saw an ad in the local paper, announcing that Habitat for Humanity was accepting applications for their homeownership program and told Amy to apply. Amy was hesitant, but filled out the application to make her Mom happy. She never thought they would be considered . . .


After being accepted into Habitat Niagara’s homeownership program and completing the required commitments including 500 volunteer hours, Amy, Michael and their five children are proud new homeowners!

See photos of their house being built.

They recently purchased their Habitat home and moved in during the end of December and spent their first Christmas in a safe, healthy and affordable place they now call home.

Here’s what Amy had to say about their first few weeks living in their new home:

It has been a few weeks now in our new home and already so much has happened! We are settling in beautifully. Our first night here was amazing and one I will never forget, as parents our hearts we so full knowing that our children were finally in a safe and warm environment. I only wish you all could have seen the brightest of smiles on the children’s faces when they woke up fully realizing that they were home!

Over the Christmas break, the children have had more sleepovers here than they have had in the last few years combined and you could only imagine how excited that makes them.

The most amazing part of our weeks here is the amount of peace and contentment we see in the children and have in ourselves. We are especially happy to share that in under two weeks, our son has been going to bed peacefully and not waking up through the night. Throughout most of his life, he rarely slept through the night and we can finally see in him a calmness and happiness we've always tried to provide for him but until now could never achieve.

There have been a lot of “pinch me, is this real" moments around here. It has been lovely to say “let’s go home" when we’re out, “come visit our home" to family and friends and “we are home" when we are enjoying our quiet moments of gratitude.

It’s unbelievable what just a few weeks here had brought us and we can only imagine how many more blessings that owning this beautiful home will bring our family!

If you or anyone you know is interested in Habitat Niagara’s homeownership learn how to apply.