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Building a Future

Having purchased their Habitat house almost three years ago, Bernie and Kristy feel the positive effects of taking great joy and pride in caring for their home and building a future for their two children, Benjamin and Violet.

Our life in general has been impacted by being in control of our environment, explains Kristy. Before we found Habitat our life was stressful financially and we had very limited space for a baby and a toddler in the two bedroom apartment. We knew that we could never get ahead to save for a house or move to a larger apartment.

Their new home has allowed their children to do the things that children do with room to run, jump and play and have friends over. Kristy and Bernie have taken on new hobbies and interests such as gardening, and building storage shelves (some of the many projects Kristy gives her husband to do). The children are also learning the names of the plants and flowers in the gardens and tool safety.

Family is important to Bernie and Kristy and one of the biggest changes they saw after living in their Habitat home was that they have plenty of space to have their family members over. Kristy enjoys entertaining having family birthday parties, BBQs, and holiday dinners, and these gatherings have made a huge difference in strengthening the foundation of their family, allowing their children to see their relatives more often.

Both children continue to amaze us at how smart and creative they are, said Kristy. Violet loves art and being creative in play and Benjamin is learning to spell his name and enjoys being active. We are so blessed - it’s hard to imagine a happier life.