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Abdulrazaq and Fadumo are home at last

They’re home! Abdulrazaq and Fadumo received the keys to their new home in Niagara Falls! This family of 11 lived in a small three-bedroom apartment, of which one bedroom was a converted storage room with no windows, ventilation or heat.

When they were approved for a Habitat for Humanity Home they were on a wait list for a larger apartment to become available. In Niagara Falls, the wait list with Niagara Regional Housing for a four bedroom unit is 11 years! Their new Habitat home has five bedrooms and two bathrooms and at aproximately 1,800 square feet of space, it will certainly accommodate this large family.

The impact to these nine children will be significant! The children were so excited to have a home with a back yard to play in and it is within walking distance to their school - which meant a lot to them as they didn't have to change schools. The youngest children in this family are looking forward to having a better place to play hide-and-seek (it was fairly limited in their apartment!). Research has found that children in Habitat homes are healthier and experience greater confidence, which leads to improved school grades and more involvement in extra activities at school.

Imagine having a quiet space to study and a place where you can have friends over. We always tell them to work for high marks in school, Abdulrazaq says. Education will be good for their future life for themselves and their children.